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Comprehensive inventory software for collectibles of all types with a complete line of preloaded databases for coin and paper money collectors.

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(now includes 2014 US Data)
(available as softcover or eBook)


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Holiday Specials

FREE Priority Mail SHIPPING - on these discounted holiday packages - all include 2015 US Coin Listings


Coin Collector's Holiday Gift Pack  - Everything needed by the US Coin Collector (Coin Collector's Assistant, US Coin Database w Values, Grading Assistant, Top 100 Morgan Varieties and Coin Collector's Survival Manual) $179.90

Coin Collector's Starter Kit - Most popular products for the US Coin Collector (Coin Collector's Assistant, US Coin Database with Values, Grading Assistant and Survival Manual) $154.90

Coin & Currency Deluxe Value Package -includes Collector's Assistant, US Coin Database w Values, US Paper Money Database w values, World Coin Database, Grading Assistant and Survival Manual $199.90 

Coin Collector's Suite-includes Collector's Assistant, United States Coin Database with Values, United States Currency Database with Values, World Coin Database, World BankNote Database, Grading Assistant, Survival Manual, Top 100 Morgan Varieties and 300 Inkjet flip inserts.  $324.90


Book - Coin Collecting in Retirement / Managing an Inherited Collection

Available in softcover or eBook form, this new book focuses on the challenges of enhancing enjoyment of coin collecting during the retirement years and also preparing a collection for ultimate disposition to your family. It contains a second section intended to assist readers who inherit a coin collection


 Software for Collectors

  • Coin Collecting - Inventory (US, world and Ancient), Grading, and Education
  • Paper Money Collecting
  • Autographs, Books, Casino Chips, Guns, Knives and Toys
  • Customize for your collectible