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All orders including the Collector's Assistant with US Coin Database will receive a free update to the initial 2023 listings when available in late December

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All of our software products run on all recent versions of Windows (including Windows 11) Collector's Assistant and Grading Assistant II are also available as native Mac OS/X applications (Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra and El Capitan)


2022 US Coin Listings and Market Values now in all packages including the Coin Collector's Assistant (all purchases after Oct 1 will receive a free update including most of the 2023 US Coin listings when available in late December)

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(now includes 2018 US Data)

Collector's Assistant  - $99.95

Collector's Assistant is our flagship product for collectors of coins, paper money and other collectibles. It provides the most comprehensive set of functionality available meeting the needs of a wide range of collectors. May be purchased separately or in discounted combination packages with our other coin collecting products.

(Available on © Microsoft Windows and Mac OS/X - via internet delivery, CD available on Windows only)  

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Software for Collectors

  • Coin Collecting - Inventory (US, world and Ancient), Grading, and Education
  • Paper Money Collecting
  • Autographs, Books, Casino Chips, Guns, Knives and Toys
  • Customize for your collectible