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Software for Collectors

Comprehensive inventory software for collectibles of all types with a complete line of preloaded databases for coin and paper money collectors.

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Existing Customer Upgrades and Updates

End of Year 2012 Customer Specials

The following specials are offered to all existing owners of any version of the Collector's Assistant.

2012 V9 Upgrade Combination with Bullion Analyzer - $109.90 (A $30 savings)


For owners of earlier versions of the Collector's Assistant, this provides the Collector's Assistant Version 9, updated for 2012 as well as the Grading Assistant Version 5 and the Bullion Analyzer.


2012 World Coin Upgrade Combination - $59.90 (A $20 Savings)


For owners of Version 9 of the Collector's Assistant, this combination provides the World Coin Database and the Bullion Analyzer. The World Coin Database includes our comprehensive listings of World Bullion Gold and Silver coinage.


2012 Bullion Analyzer Special - $19.95 - (A $10 Savings)

The Bullion Analyzer is offered separately for existing owners of Version 9.


Version 9 Upgrade for owners of earlier versions of the Collector's Assistant. - $73.95


Internet Update Subscriptions

Keep your database listings and market values up to date via our internet subscriptions:

Internet program advantages:

  • Real time updating of US Coin listings as issued by the Mint
  • Optional periodic updates to
    • US Coin Market Values
    • US Paper Money Listings and Values
    • World Coin Listings
    • Ancient Coin Listings
  • Updates delivered from within the product by clicking on Update Now buttons
  • No mailing delay


2013 US Coin Database with Values (pre-order)

Updates to database listings and market values are also available on CD's.

CD Program Advantages

  • no activation codes, CD auto installs
  • includes most 2013 circulation coinage and some sets and bullion issues

CD Program disadvantages

  • Updated annually, so new listings added during the current year are not picked up until the next CD. (CD usually contains about 75% complete information for the current year.)

2013 US Coin Database Update with Values - $41.90


CD Update Subscriptions - Market Values Only

For customers who do not need upodated US Coin Database Listings, but would like periodic market value updates. Updates may be ordered an an annual ($16.95/year), semi-annual ($28.95/year) or quarterly ($39.95/year) basis.