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Learn of our plans to enhance our product offerings for the Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad.

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Carlisle Development - Support for Apple Products

IMPORTANT NOTE TO USERS OF OUR MOBILE APPLICATIONS - We have recently discontinued support for the original Collector's Assistant Mobile on the iPhone/iPad. The business limitations imposed by the app store, price expectations, and lack of adequate iCloud support for database apps makes offering a standalone coin inventory program impractical. As a result our iOS offerings will be limited to viewing only. We have release a new product Collector's Assistant Mobile Viewer which provides an enhanced viewing experience alowing you to view coin collection data on an iPad or iPhone which has been transferred from a desktop version of Collector's Assistant.

 This web page provides comprehensive information regarding our support for Apple products (iPad, iPhone and Mac). All information is subject to change. This page will be kept up to date with current development efforts.

Updated information - November 28, 2017

Summary of products available on Apple platforms


  • Coin Collector's Assistant with US Coin Database and Market Values
  • World Coin Database (option)
  • US Paper Money Database (option)
  • Grading Assistant II (identical to product in Windows)

iOS (IPhone and iPad)

  • Collector's Assistant Mobile Viewer (new) allows viewing only of collection data managed on a desktop version of Coin Collector's Assistant
  • Coin Identification/Mint Mark Locator

Collector's Assistant for the Mac version 2  (Release in Dec, 2016)

  • User interface enhancements
  • Reporting enhancements
  • Valuation calculation enhancements
  • Support for additional collectibles - final list to be determined may include Casino Chips, Ancient Coins, Home Inventory)
  • Some ability to customize data entry screens

Based on our user survey, the following features present in CA Windows will not be added to the Mac version:

  • 2D Printing
  • Full data entry screen customization
  • Collector tools other than Grading Assistant II

It is our expectation that with the release of version 2, we will have a robust product offering on Mac OS/X and future enhancements will be responsive to user feedback,

iOS - future product plans

As mentioned we will offer viewer only functionality in our iOS products.With the release of CA Mobile Viewer we now provide for an excellent experience in both of our iOS offerings. CA Mobile Viewer and Coin/ID Mint Mark Locator. It is our expectation that these products will continue to be updated in response to user requests.