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Comprehensive inventory software for collectibles of all types with a complete line of preloaded databases for coin and paper money collectors.

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Grading Assistant - coin grading software $49.95

The Grading Assistant is a comprehensive tool to assist you with grading United States coins. It contains the full content of the Official American Numismatic Association Guide to Grading United States Coin - 6th Edition.

  • Over 1,000 images from the Official ANA Guide covering US coins from 1793-present for grades from AG to Unc
  • 500 extra color grading images for more popular varieties including some uncirculated grade steps.
  • Full grading text of the guide including intermediate grades and uncirculated grades
  • Grading Images may be attached to coins catalogued in the Collector's Assistant Version 8.
  • Color marketplace grading section
  • General information on grading US Coins
  • Side by side presentation of 1 to 3 images from the grading set and/or a picture of your own coin.
  • Works either standalone or in conjunction with the Collector's Assistant.

Notes: Images are not included for Presidents Dollars, Statehood Quarters, or Territorial Quarters. Recent issues contain images for higher circulated grades only (Eisenhower Dollars, S B Anthony Dollars, etc.)

Coin Collector's Survival Manual $34.95   

Based on Scott Travers landmark book, this interactive edition covers all aspects of coin collecting and is an essential item for collectors of all experience levels.

Key Benefits

Two books in one - The Coin Collector's Survival Manual® SIXth Edition now incorporates the content of How to Make Money in Coins Right Now, along with a thorough update of his consumer protection handbook.

Topic include:


  • Unexpected changes in grading standards since 2003.
  • Know when to buy and sell - and when not to.
  • Buy coins through internet auctions-avoid the pitfalls.
  • How the popular registry set programs have changed the numismatic market.
  • Extraordinary insights and secrets of crack-outs and getting lucrative upgrades from third-party grading services.
  • Detecting altered, counterfeit and "doctored" coins.
  • Comprehensive discussuions by leading experts about taxes and tax consequences on buying and selling numismatic items, including record keeping, estate planning secrets, retirement plans and in-kind exchanges.
  • Exposing the pitfalls and avoiding the dangers of ignorance when buying coins through online auctions.
  • How to capitalize on the gyrations of gold prices when buying collectible gold coins. What coins you should buy when gold is moving up, and how to minimize losses when gold prices are falling.
  • Security issues now facing collectors and investors after 9/11 and natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina.
  • Detecting altered, counterfeit and "doctored" coins.

New - the Coin Collector's Survival Manual now works with the Coin Collector's Assistant (V8) and may be accessed from its Collector Tools menu.


Special features available only on the interactive edition include

  • Grading Service calculator
  • Crackout calculator
  • Bullion calculator for gold and silver coins
  • Grading Timeline
  • Coin Viewing Animation
  • Image Gallery of special coins with educational content


Top 100 Morgan Varieties $34.95

Based on the book by Michael Fey and Jeff Oxman (new 4th Edition) this interactive works provides high resolution images of the Top 100 Morgan varieties (overdates, die breaks, doublings, etc) including graphic overlays to assist you in identifying these valuable coins. Also includes the full text of the guide.

  • Learn the rarest, most popular and deisrable Morgan Varieties
  • Identify Morgan Varieties at shows
  • Values of key varieties
  • Estimates of rarity
  • CD Edition contains high resolution, high quality images, presented at several levels of magnification with graphics overlays
  • Tabular presentation of values
  • Census information
  • Search for varieties by type
  • May be accessed from the Coin Collector's Assistant - Version 8 Collector Tools menu. Top 100 Morgan Varieties may be added to your catalogued collections.

Bullion Value Analyzer $29.95

A tool for analyzing bullion value holdings and their potential growth

  • Preloaded database of precious metal content for many numismatic items
  • User may extend database and include non numismatic items as well
  • User entered transaction parameters such as markups/markdowns
  • Shipping, storage and insurance costs
  • Estimates of rarity
  • What if analysis as spot prices change