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Mobile Applications (iOS)

Mobile Applications now available at the Apple app store.

Collector's Assistant Mobile Viewer allows you to take your collection data on the road.

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Carlisle Development - Mobile Applications

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IOS 11 Compatibility - Both of our existing apps are iOS 11 compatible. A new version of the Coin ID/Mint Mark Locator was released in mid November which includes changes for iOS 11 as well as 100 new images spanning new coin issues from 2012 - 2017.

Carlisle Development Family of Mobile Applications for the IPhone and IPad

Collector's Assistant Mobile Viewer - $44.99 - A comprehensive application for viewing collection data that is managed on a desktop version of Coin Collector Assistant (Mas OS/X or Windows). It may be used to view your collection data and also our standard US Coin Database which includes US coin listings through 2016 and 2016 US Coin market values. CA Mobile Viewer does not allow for editing your collection data or adding to collections.

click here for the Collector's Assistant Mobile Viewer at the app store

Coin Identifier/Mint Mark Locator - $14.99 - Provides images with graphic overlays of all United States circulating coins from 1793-present. Overlays show location of mint mark. Coins may be selected from a list of types which may be filtered based on date and/or denomination

click here for the coin identifier at the app store   

IMPORTANT NOTE TO USERS OF OUR MOBILE APPLICATIONS - We are very much interested to hear your ideas for improvement of our mobile versions. Since you purchased directly from the app store we do not have contact information enabling us to reach out to you. Please email us your thoughts and ideas to Our R&D activity is driven by customer experiences, but only if we hear about them.