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Collector's Assistant for other collectibles & Home Inventory

Exploit the most advanced inventory software available for your collectibles and home inventory.

Other Collectibles - Collector's Assistants designed for collectors of:

The Collector's Assistant for these collectibles include all features of the Collector's Assistant, along with data entry screens, report formats and preloaded choice lists optimized for your collectible:

  • Complete flexibility of organizing your collectibles
  • Unlimited number of items catalogued
  • Customizable columnar reports using all information fields that are available
  • Customizable 2D reports for index cards, picture catalogs, labels, etc
  • User customizable data entry screens
  • Multi-level sorting of your collection
  • Filtering your collection based on any information field
  • Preloaded choice lists (user-extendible) appropriate for your collectible (book publishers, toy manufacturers, gun calibers, etc)
  • User pictures may be attached to each item
  • Backup and Restore
  • PacknGo facility for moving to a new computer
  • Enter and track values/cost/profit information
  • Want lists
  •   and much more