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Comprehensive inventory software for collectibles of all types with a complete line of preloaded databases for coin and paper money collectors.

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Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are intended to assist you in learning how to use the Collector's Assistant, both with respect to initial usage and more advanced usage of specific functions.

Currently, we have 7 video tutorials available. Each tutorial will play in 3-5 minutes. Frame change speed is set at a midrange setting allowing some users to just play it once at full speed and others ample time to click the Pause button between each frame if needed.

The recommended strategy is:

  • Sit back and play a tutorial
  • Start the Collector's Assistant and see if you can use what you just learned
  • If you need further guidance, play the tutorial again, but pause at each frame change so you can perform the indicated operation along with the tutoral

Feedback we would like:

This is our first attempt at video tutorials, so we would like to get the formula right, after which we intend to keep developing them to cover all corners of the Collector's Assistant. We would like to hear from you. In particular for each tutorial you try:

  • Did you learn anything?
  • Did you use the Pause controls?
  • How was the pace?
  • Was it worthwhile? If not, why not?

We would also appreciate general comments on the length and tutorial approach and also any topics you would like to see us add.


Important note - if you are unable to view the tutorials, you may need to update your Windows Media Player drivers (codecs) at the following link: (IMPORTANT - Select the choice Download K-Lite Code Pack 7.8.0 Full)

Download Link for Windows Media Player codecs

Currently Available Tutorials - Right click on a Link and then Save Target to download the AVI file to your desktop.

Note - if you right click and save target to your desktop, the video file may then be started by double-clicking on its desktop icon. If you left click on the link, it will automatically start the Windows Media Player which will run the video instead of downloading it.

Tutorials coming soon

  • Add/Deleting choices to the dropdown lists
  • Inventory Code Assignment
  • Collector Tools