Renew your subscription to updates for the Coin Collector's Assistant and optionally purchase the Version 11 Upgrade and/or Grading Assistant II at 1/2 price..


Hobbysoft CoinKeeper Upgrade Offer

Rescue your Hobbysoft data with our conversion package

Collector's Assistant Upgrade offer for former Hobbysoft Users

(availability is limited - contact Carlisle Development for details)

 Benefits of this Upgrade Offer:

  • Purchase the Collector's Assistant, including conversion of your Hobbysoft data (a $50 savings)
  • Includes data conversion service to bring your existing data into the Collector's Assistant without data re-entry (this highly discounted service brings forward all of your data, including Hobbysoft record # and Comments)
  • Includes current 2015 US Coin Listings and Market values
  • Carlisle's most popular add-on products (Grading Assistant, Survival Manial, and World Coin Database) may be purchased at a 25% discount.
  • On receipt of your order, we ship you a copy of the Coin Collector's Assistant along with an e-mail providing instructions on how to obtain the conversion of your existing data


Hobbysoft Upgrade Offer - $149.95 

 Discounted Conversion Service ends soon - after April 15, conversion will cost $100 bringing the total upgrade cost to $194.95

A letter from Marvin Mallon, President of Hobbysoft:

Dear Compu-Quote customer:

After 27 years of operation, I have closed the doors on our software publishing business. It has been a great privilege to help you inventory and evaluate your collection through the use of our programs.

I have arranged with Carlisle Development Corporation to provide you a means of continuing with the computer-aided pursuit of your hobby. Their offer to you will include a conversion capability that will allow all of your Compu-Quote records to move into their application. This will save you the effort of re-entering the information.

Again, it has been a pleasure working with you over the years. I wish you continued joy in working with your collection.

Marvin Mallon

President, Compu-Quote